CanDrill PDC Drill Bits

We design, manufacture and supply PDC drill bits for your project in Canada. Whether it’s fast, directional, rugged, oil sands, geothermal, helium, potash, or mining, we can make it for you. 

We supply both Steel and Matrix Drill Bits.

Tricone Drill Bits

We have a huge range of Tricone Drill Bits in stock. Tricone Drill Bits are better for low torque and more challenging applications. 

We supply both TCI and Mill Tooth Drill Bits.


– Minimal NPT while drilling & tripping
– Faster drilling rates with lower torque and drag
– Enhanced wellbore stability
– Lower costs
– No dedicated reaming trips
– Unimpaired MWD/LWD logs
– Increased durability
– Reaming without stabilizers
– Smooth & ready-for-completion wellbore
– Dual carbide inserts to increase scraping while lowering BHA torque and drag